Book Review: Fear by Michael Grant

Fear by Michael Grant

“….Fear wasn’t about what made sense. Fear was about possibilities. Not things that happened. Things that might.”

I must’ve sucked in the whole world’s supply of oxygen by gasping at that ending. Seriously, I’m emotionally drained.

Fear is the second-to-last book of the page turning series called ‘Gone‘. I honestly don’t know how Grant is going to wrap everything up in the last book. I feel like there’s still too much still left unsolved.

In this book, we have previously important characters who fade out, or in Albert’s case, run away, and smaller characters who step up. It was interesting watching characters like Caine and Astrid evolve personality-wise. I was indifferent and mildly irritated by Astrid throughout the series but her character development really amazed me. I feel like Fear plays the role of connecting the events that will lead to the concluding book, Light.

I absolutely adore Michael Grant’s sense of humor. Here are some situations that made me snort:

““She’s already trouble,” Caine said. “First Drake, now Penny. I’m surrounded by psychos and idiots.”
Turk looked hurt.
“One thing, Turk. You ever see me freaking out, like Penny is pulling something on me? You shoot the witch. We clear on that?”
“Absolutely,” Turk said. “Your Highness.”
“You get that you’re the idiot, right, Turk?”
Caine stormed off, muttering, “I miss Diana.””

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” It was Brianna atop the bluff. “What’s with all the light? I thought we were being all—”
“Stay right there!” Dekka yelled.
“Okay, jeez, you don’t have to yell.”

“Sam said, “Listen, guys, you’ll hear about it soon enough: there’s something hinky going on with the barrier.”

“And you think Jesus wants you to do this? This? Threaten a pregnant girl with a rock? That’s your religious theory? Jesus wants you to help a sadistic mental case to turn me over to a monster? I must have missed that part of the Bible. Is that part of the Sermon on the Mount?”

We also get a perspective from the outside. It was interesting seeing how the families and adults outside coped with the ‘Perdido Beach Anomaly’.

I’d talk about all the characters, but there are too many. Even though Michael Grant keeps adding more characters, it feels like each character, no matter their self-worth, has a unique role to play.

As a conclusion, I’d like to state that this book had me hooked every step of the way. It jumbled my emotions and affected my sleep pattern, but it was totally worth it. With its vivid writing style, weighty characters, and enthralling plot, I’d say that Michael Grant has definitely outdone himself yet again.

Rating: 4 fish!

4 fish


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