2015 Goals

Well, it’s the first blank page of a new book. Happy New Year! 2014 passed in such a blur! There are a few things that I’ve regretted doing and not doing, but hopefully 2015 will be better. As the saying goes, “New Year, New Me!”

Read 100 books
That was also my 2014 goal, but unfortunately I only got to read 92 books. I know, so close!

Post at least 20 reviews
I’ve only recently started blogging so my reviews aren’t all that good or professional but there’s room for development!

Study for PSAT
I’ve already started that, so I sure hope I can keep up!

Improve my cursive
I have really, really bad cursive. I can write my name nicely, but I can’t write paragraphs and sentences. It’s embarrassing! I also need to learn it as soon as possible because it’s a PSAT requirement.

Stop biting my nails
I don’t expect I’d be able to do this but I’m still going to try. I’ve been a nail biter for most of my childhood and it’s a side-effect of my anxiety disorder. It grosses me out and embarrasses me.

Interact with the blogging community
Basically I’m just going to comment more on posts, be more active with other bloggers, and form relationships!

Tell me more about your 2015 goals and resolutions! (:


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