Book Review: Light by Michael Grant

Light by Michael Grant

Cheers, Michael Grant, to this crisp, beautifully written series. My emotions are all over the place and although I haven’t waited for years for those books like some of the other readers here, I feel like I’ve gone through a hell of a roller coaster of emotions. This series made me laugh, caused tears to well up in my eyes, and made me smile so wide it physically hurt. In addition to that, it also made me want to smash my tablet into smithereens and yell angrily (which has happened).

The title of this conclusion is perfect. Light. As with the other books in the series, you can extract so many meanings from that title. Gone. Hunger. Lies. Plague. Fear. Light.There are literal meanings for the titles, of course, but there are also figurative hidden meanings. In Light, there was a lot of character development and tied loose strings sprinkled with a theme of redemption, confession, and atonement.

I really liked the ending of this book because it wasn’t all ride-into-the-sunset-carrying-daisies and, yes, it has a happy ending, but Dekka is still not over Brianna’s death, Sam still has issues with his mother, Diana is still sad about Caine’s death, and Astrid (probably) still feels slightly guilty about Little Pete. So I greatly appreciate that. Overall, this was an enthralling piece of work that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys an electrifying story with engaging characters and an enchanting plot.

Rating: 4 fish!

4 fish


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