Book Review: The Dearly Departed Dating Service by Rae Renzi

I received this ebook Advanced Reader Copy for free from the publisher (Grey Gecko Press) in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.



“Joy had it all: a promising medical career, a handsome and kind fiancé, a bright future. Until it all came crashing down in one shattering moment.

Two years later, nothing is the same. Joy has a mountain of debt, a boss with the barest hold on reality, and a complicated—to put it mildly—private life. The arrogant young surgeon she reviles and the pack of well-meaning but misguided ghosts don’t help.

Still, her idea for a new business just might be crazy enough to work…”


I gotta admit, I dove into this book with pretty low expectations. The synopsis didn’t really grab my attention, but I can assure you, the book most certainly did! It really surpassed my expectations.

There are funny lines that made me snort and moving lines that made me tear up. The descriptive writing is so well written that most of the time I can vividly imagine the place the author is describing. That’s a pretty special talent.

I love how the book is paranormal-ish fiction laced with a few real life elements. I felt like it obscurely addressed these real life issues. They aren’t that obvious but if you really concentrate on looking for them, you’ll probably spot them. Also, I don’t normally read paranormal genre but this book makes me think twice about that decision.

The plot & story line are well-paced from scene to scene and the ideas are pretty well-developed. Although the plot and ending were a little predictable. The characters, such as Luke and Marybob, are hilarious and I loved when Joy got sarcastic. I’ve spent much time giggling in the early hours of the morning because of this book.

Overall, this was an engaging story with unique characters and a descriptive writing style. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in a fun, light read.

Rating: 4 fish!

4 fish


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