Book Review: The Spirit Gate by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

I received this book through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer program and the ebook was sent to me via Book View Cafe. Thank you!

So I was unsure of this book at first because it’s genre is speculative fiction and I’ve never read that subcategory of fiction. Let’s just say I was not disappointed.

Summary from Amazon: “Blamed along with the other witches of the mountain for everything that goes wrong in the kingdom of Dalibor, the widow Kassia finds a chance for escape from Master Sorcerer Lukusha at his school of arcane learning.”

This story had me captive since the the very first page. I loved the whole story, mainly:

1. The characters.
I think Beyla is adorable. I shipped Zakarij with Kassia since we first meet him. They’re so cute!! During some points of the story I felt a little dislike for Master Lukasha. The way he got really passionate about Kassia’s shai magic made me uneasy and I guess that passion was what doomed him. As Shagtai said: “He is a man driven by his past.” I still felt sorry for him though. Throughout the book, Kassia is blamed for a myriad of calamities, has lost loved ones, and been betrayed. Despite that, she still maintains a clear head and doesn’t let her anger or fear overtake her. Kassia is definitely my favorite character.

2. The plot.
There’s just the right amount of action and suspense to keep you on your toes, but without overdoing it. A deep secret that can destroy Polia is dug out by Kassia and she has to fix her mistake. In my opinion, the main moral of this book is that everyone has a fatal flaw that can lead to their doom. Marija and Kassia’s curiosity. Master Lukasha’s passion. Damek’s blind faith in his master. Michal Zelimir’s trust. They all caused an amount of damage. Very well thought out plot!

3. The writing.
Maya’s writing is so beautiful! The way she describe colors is breathtaking. There are thought-invoking quotes and clear descriptions. The romance in this book is so indescribably well-written. I’d love to read more of that writing style.

OVERALL: Captivating story with a beautiful writing style and likable characters. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes eloquent and brilliant stories.

Rating: 5 fish!

fish rating


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