BBCP: Team Lilac – When We Aren’t Lazy

Hey there everyone! So a while ago, I participated in this project called the “Book Blogger Creativity Project”, a brilliant idea started by Nori at Readwritelove28.

Basically, the gist of it is joining new and old bloggers together by grouping them together into teams. With combined efforts from each member, whether new or old, each team will work together to think up a new type of feature to present that involves everyone in the group’s blogs and possibly other blogs, too. This project is an excellent way to display everyone’s creativity and enhance the sense of community in the blogosphere – whether you’re a new or old blogger. More details about this project can be found here, but sign-ups are closed at the moment.

Anyway, without further ado… I present to you.. Team Lilac’s feature, When We Aren’t Lazy!
team lilac

WWAL is a bucket list-type feature. The objective of this project is to create the ultimate bucket list – created and compiled by all the team members, which will motivate us all to blog more efficiently and achieve our blogging goals.

Bloggers in the team can set their own variations and limits to the list. As they complete each task, they strike it off from their list, while discussing and sharing their progress throughout the month of October.

We’ve also planned to help each other in the most possible way – by sharing tips and working together. The goal is to obtain our blogging resolutions while keeping it fun.

Of course, this feature isn’t just for us, we’d also like YOU to participate and work through the list with us. Feel free to link back to this post (or any of the other #TeamLilac posts) so that we can spread the word.

Bucket List:

  1. Cross post all reviews: I usually do this immediately after I type up the review. so not a problem to me!
  2. Get ahead on posts: I’m terrible at this, but I really want to get at least a month ahead on posts since I have PSATs, coming up this October.
  3. Blog hop weekly: I am going to blog hop every Friday and on other days, as often as I can.
  4. Use more photography in posts: I’ve seen lots of people doing that in their posts, but I’m not a very good photographer… Hopefully, this’ll help improve my photography skills this month!
  5. ALWAYS double-check and triple-check posts for spelling, grammar, etc.: This is fairly easy because I’ve never done otherwise, my perfectionist self wouldn’t have allowed it. >.>
  6. Make a dent in my Netgalley pile – Request more books and give feedback: My ratio’s at 100% and I’ve given feedback to all the books I’ve been approved/invited for (I’m a picky reader), but I’m going to use this point to request more books – maybe 5 at a time instead of my limit of 2.
  7. Make new friends & interact more with other blogs: This has been on a lot of my blogging resolution lists, but I always find it very hard to complete it due to my shy nature. Looks like I’ll have to try even harder this time.
  8. Engage more on Twitter: I have a lot of time to spend on my phone, I could do this!
  9. Reply and comment back on all the comments without fail: It’s my time to shine! ;D
  10. Try to manage time between blogging, reading, school and life efficiently: Ohmigosh, watch me epic-ly fail this.
  11. Host at least one guest writer on the blog: I’ve always wanted to do this, yay! Contact me if you wanna do this!
  12. Try out more bookish challenges: I’ll join Instagram & Twitter tags, and participate in a few weekly bookish challenges.

That’s a wrap! Don’t forget to check out the awesome posts from the other #TeamLilac members:


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