About Me




Hi there! My name is Fatima. Welcome to my blog!

Here are some bookish facts about me!

  • I’m a fast reader.
  • I’ve loved books since I was 4! I read everything. From the signs on the road to the nutrition facts of a cereal box!
  • I find nonfiction books boring. Sorry!
  • I don’t have a favorite genre. As long as it’s YA and has a good plot, I’m fine!
  • I read books on my phone and iPad, but I (obviously) prefer real books.


Here are some bloggish facts about my blog!

  • I regularly post reviews every Sunday.
  • If people actually commented on my blog, I’d reply to every comment.
  • I get my synopsis for reviews from Goodreads & Amazon.
  •  I schedule my reviews because I find that it takes a lot of pressure off me.
  • I write my reviews a week or two before the date I schedule them for.
  • I’m open to review requests. Just read my review policy before contacting me HERE.